How I accidently Found a Bug called Broken Link Hijacking.

Two weeks ago , I got one message request from Instagram . I thought like that was an Fake ID .So , I started a OSINT on that username , I got his/her roll number from their college website .Using…

Hey buddy’s,I hope all are fyn.

Recently I participated in Tamil CTF.I solved most of web challenges.Lets get into this!

1.Cringe JS

After seeing this image All are know about this,This is called JSFUCK.

After decoding this we got our flag

flag : TamilCTF{Jav4_5cr1p7_s0ck5}

2. Delivery Boy.

Hey Folks !..I hope all you are fine.

Recently , I solved the challenge called Breach which is a HACK THE BOX challenge.This challenge is in My favourite category OSINT.

You managed to pull some interesting files off one of Super Secure Startup’s anonymous FTP servers. Via some OSINT work(a…

Hey folks…Hope all you are fyn…!

Now , we are going to see about an challenge in the HACK THE BOX called Canvas.This challenge in Misc Category.

They were provide a zip file .we have to extract it .password for zip file hackthebox.

After extracting we have to take a…


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